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June 12, 2016 by sirgroupmanagement

Our streamlined property management system provide a hands-free environment for all of our clients. We handle every aspect of your investments and we manage your properties from top to bottom. We pride ourselves on customer service and our management team focuses to keep the process simple and most importantly successful.

Our Services

  • Banking Deposits – Hands free income! Once our guests have arrived and paid their rental balance due, we then deposit all rental proceeds directly into your account. We deduct commission from this deposit for each rental and add in the taxes collected (if applicable).
  • Check ins / Check outs – A smooth welcome and departure for all our guests helps them feel comfortable during their stay. We provide an information board in all units – Wifi login, nearby grocery stores, and valet/front desk phone numbers.
  • Cleaning Services – Our cleaning crew is top notch! The first impression of our guests is very important to our business. We provide spotless cleans which ensures our guests are satisfied upon their arrival. Cleaning fees are paid by our guests, not the owner.
  • Collect Rental Taxes – Florida law requires any rental under 6 months to collect state (7%) and county (6%) taxes on each rental. We outline these taxes on each contract and will deposit the taxes directly into your account with every booking deposit. Some of our clients have been audited in the past so managing your property by Florida law is extremely important to us.
  • Global Marketing – Keeping your property booked is our TOP PRIORITY! Marketing your investments worldwide helps us keep consistent income coming your way. We subscribe to many online services to provide all parties the best return on your investment.
  • Maintenance Repairs – Many instances arise when you have a rental property and trusting someone to facilitate these repairs is important. We handle all issues at a moments notice and have a crew of handyman that help keep these repair costs as low as possible.
  • Permits  – Allow us to provide you handsfree service to obtain and successfully close out your permits. Dealing with the right vendors and contractors helps us keep this process smooth and on track for your  construction timeline.
  • Repeat Guests – Service is everything! Many of our clients will reach out directly for their next vacation before even looking at any travel websites. They check to see what availability we have for their travel dates and in most cases come back year after year.
  • Security Deposits – Protecting your investment is a key to our relationship! We collect and hold a security deposit ($1000 in most cases) on each booking which will cover any damages should they occur. We inspect the unit thoroughly before returning these funds to our guests.
  • Staging – The appearance of your property online is important for booking consistency and overall return. We provide staging suggestions and services to help your investment ‘pop’ online and in our advertisements.
  • Utility Issues – We help resolve any cable or internet problems immediately upon being notified. We will contact your provider directly to troubleshoot over the phone or schedule a service call.



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